GolfTEC Reviews

With a 95% success rate, GolfTEC clients are enjoying lower golf scores at golf courses across the country.

Below you’ll find comments and GolfTEC reviews from real clients. Click here to find a location near you and get started on the Proven Path to Proven Results.

“It is clear that GolfTEC employs great video with coaches who are trained to advise clients how to be successful!”

-Carl, GolfTEC Golden Triangle

“The video doesn’t lie. That’s my swing and those are my swing faults. Now I know with the help of my drills, what to work on, to fix my mistakes and make me a better golfer.”

– Ron, GolfTEC Castleton

“To actually SEE my swing on video is monumentally important, and my GolfTEC Coach was right on the money with areas I needed to improve.”

– Matt, GolfTEC Lakeside

“I feel that I am on the right path to drastically improving my game. With slight adjustments to my posture/setup, I see the measurements looking better, as well as the swing.”

-Mark, GolfTEC Easton

“I knew that I had a few swing flaws that were keeping me from being a very low handicap golfer. The swing analysis and golf professional were able to pinpoint my swing flaws and provide me with a path to fix them.”

-Jeffrey, GolfTEC Richmond

“It was the best golf training experience I’ve had, my coach really took the effort to help me out. I’m looking forward to my next lesson.”

-George, GolfTEC Tulsa

“The detail given in my evaluation was beyond my expectations. The simple training methods to become better were easily communicated. The facility is top notch and I will be recommending it to everyone!”

-Scott, GolfTEC Chesterfield

“I should have done this a long time ago…I would be playing better golf already!”

– Dave, GolfTEC Troy

“My coach got me to think setting goals and we put together a plan to accomplish those them. After a couple of lessons I can see a big difference in my game. I am on my way to breaking 100!”

– Diane, GolfTEC Moorestown

“First rate, improved more in an hour than I had in ten traditional lessons.”

–  Alec, GolfTEC Santa Barbara

“As a visual learner, the instant feedback was outstanding. GolfTEC is the gold standard and I am very satisfied with the analysis and my progress. Thanks GolfTEC.”

-Jim, GolfTEC Park Meadows

“Excellent staff. Would recommend this to any one interested in getting into golf or someone that has a lot of golf under them but would like to refine any problem areas, again top notch.”

-Jay, GolfTEC Cascade Station

The video clearly displayed my swing faults. My Coach was perceptive and clear on what I needed to start with in learning proper technique.”

-Ray, GolfTEC Des Plaines

“The technology was great, the swing coach even better, Very knowledgeable, encouraging and attentive. The best lesson I have ever had.”

-Jeff, GolfTEC Memphis

“Best money spent in many years struggling to master this game. Confirmed the fact that it is not the arrow but the Indian that needs help.”

-Zaid, GolfTEC Woodland Park

Being able to see each part of my swing and isolate the problem spots, and being able to go back to those images and videos whenever I want is invaluable. Love it.”

– Scot, GolfTEC Clarendon

“I can’t wait to get back out on the course and see how my corrected set up improves my game.”

– JB, GolfTEC Lincoln Park

“I have taken countless lessons in my life.  This might have been the best lesson that I have taken to date.”

– Dave, GolfTEC San Jose

“My coach listened intently to what I was trying to gain from the swing analysis and adjusted his coaching to fit my individual needs.”

-Scott, GolfTEC Country Club Village

“A picture is worth a thousand words.  Based on the video of my swing, I know what is required for a smooth swing.  I wish I did this years ago.”

– Michael, GolfTEC Glenwood

“The use of video technology and web access is a far superior approach as I can better understand my swing and continue to study it on my time.”

– John, GolfTEC Moorestown

“I was smiling ear to ear with some of my shots off the driver.  I still need practice and experience, but now I have the tools.”

– Alberto, GolfTEC Irvine

“My coach listened intently to what I was trying to gain from the swing analysis and adjusted his coaching to fit my individual needs.”

– Scott, GolfTEC Country Club Village

“Out of this world! Great instructor, the lessons showed my problems and the comparison video is great. Overall I can’t express how impressed I was with the lesson.”

Wesley, GolfTEC Baybrook

I was very impressed with how knowledgeable my coach was. He offered great insights and useful drills to get me started down the right path.”

– Chris, GolfTEC Paramus

“I loved seeing my swing on video with the motion measurements. I could see all the problems I have with my swing. I believe that my coach loves what he does, and is dedicated to help me improve in my game.”

Scott, GolfTEC Park Cities

22 Responses to GolfTEC Reviews

  1. Brian O'Reilly says:

    Brian O’Reilly says:
    October 2, 2010 at 2:43 am
    I’d like to publicly recognize my Golftec coach, Jeff Schmiedbauer ( Plano, Texas). Have been playing golf for 40 years plus. When I started with Jeff, 5 years ago…I was a 15 hcp’r. My September, 2010 index was the lowest ever at 4.8. I now play from the 6900+ yd tees, regularly, and my distance and control is the best it’s ever been. At the tender age of 69 years… every time I tee it up … I feel this may be the day I shoot my age. A number of my club members are now under Jeff’s tutelage. Thanks again Jeff for the outstanding, insightful instruction.

  2. David Vodosia says:

    Thanks GolfTec for one of the best methods of learning the game.Only 4 months I had no clue on what golf was never picked up a club in my life.Heck my first game was 9 holes, and I looked like Moses walking to the 9th holding my body up with my 7 iron.Last week I shot 97 Yeah!!! and can now wizz through 18 in 4 hours.Thanks, Scott Smith in B,ham for putting up with me.

  3. mike e says:

    Golf Tec is a serious ripoff and anyone considering this as an option should save a bunch of money and go see a real golf professional. I was a 6 handicap when I signed up, paid a $ grand and quickly became a 12 handicap. The instructors are terrible and they all have a different opinions on how to teach. I went from one instructor to another and they were all horrible. SAVE YOUR MONEY and don’t do this to yourself!!!! I feel like they actually stole from me….

    • GolfTEC says:

      Hi Mike E,
      Thank you for letting us know about your experience and we apologize that you did not have success with GolfTEC. With any new method of instruction, it takes time to see improvement. GolfTEC’s sequential lessons are a path to lasting golf improvement and working with the same Coach over time is how our clients see lower scores.

      If there is ever anything we can do in the future, please let us know. Again, we apologize for your frustration and wish you best of luck with your golf game this season.

    • mark may says:

      Golftec has proven to be a very valuable investment in improving my swing and overall game, well worth it. HOWEVER, the Player Performance Center website which holds all of your lessons, drills etc is a major piece of crap and a gigantic rip off. The lesson videos take days to load, and half the time the videos don’t even load at all. There are drill videos that don’t play, the widgets don’t load like the advertisement shows. What a joke. And when you contact the support staff they treat you like an idiot and tell you that not only do you have to download the flashplayer software but don’t forget to install it, all but calling you a moron. And when they don’t like being called on all of the faults of their shitty website they don’t even bother replying to your support request. This is false advertising and they hide behind the guise that it’s a problem on your end with your computer or you are just an idiot. When in reality the same problems exist on multiple computers. Even the staff at Golftec admitted to the website being a problem but there is nothing they can do about but apologize. The website is part of the very expensive package and it doesn’t work properly. My coach is great but what is the point of buying a video based learning program when I can’t use the videos for learning?????? BIG FAT JOKE AND RIP OFF.

      • GolfTEC says:

        Hi Mark,

        Thank you for your feedback and we apologize for your frustrations with our Player Performance Center.

        We are in the midst of overhauling our Player Performance Center. The changes and upgrades should enhance the experience for all of our customers.

        If there is anything we can do in the meantime, please provide your contact information and someone from GolfTEC will contact you.

  4. Tony says:

    Avoid GolfTEC. My wife went to GolfTec at Clayton, MO and got fitted for new clubs. The instructor was unprofessional and dishonest. Said golfTec would not charge for clubs until they were delivered to GolfTec. Two days later we were charged and no clubs were delivered. Person at GolfTec said he wanted to get sale in prior to end of month. Said clubs would be in a day or two. Ten days went by and still no clubs. My wife called and the clubs were finally in but the salesperson failed to call. We picked up clubs and the next day the salesperson called and said the clubs were in. He didn’t know we picked up the clubs and when asked why he charged for clubs and he didn not have a response. GolfTec proved to be dishonest and inept at delivering the clubs as promised. In addition to the failure to deliver the clubs as promised the instructor was very unprofessional and would never want to take lessons from him.

    • GolfTEC says:

      Hi Tony,
      We understand that the Operations Consultant from Headquarters as well as the regional manager for this GolfTEC Improvement Center have reached out to address your concerns.

      Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

      Best Regards,
      The GolfTEC Blog Team

  5. GolfTEC says:

    Hi Tony, Thank you very much for letting us know about the club ordering problems you and your wife experienced. We sincerely apologize you had a negative experience and appreciate your feedback. We’ve sent your post to the person at GolfTEC Headquarters who is in charge of the St Louis area and will reply to your post here when we have more information.

    In the meantime, if you would like to contact us via e-mail with any questions or concerns or to provide more information about your experience, please e-mail us at

  6. Tom says:

    I never intend to be anything other than an amateur at golf, but I play every week, and clearly, enjoy the game more by playing better. In the past few years, my game had really slipped, and I was attributing it to my older age and my knee surgery of a few years back. I had never been anything other than self taught, and tried various books/dvd’s but could never get any consistency in my game. In four short months, John Baltzersen in Santa Monica has helped improve my game immensely. The 1/2 hour lessons and 1/2 hour practice time are absolutely perfect for me. We all learn differently–some of us are more visual, some of us are more verbal, and some of us have natural ability (which I do not). Also, I do not necessarily consider myself to be a ‘fast learner’ when it comes to physical activities like golf. However, I have easily cut about 7 strokes off my game since going to Golftec and consider it one of the best investments I have made. More importantly, I now realize what I am doing wrong whenever I hit a bad shot (and everybody hits bad shots), and am better able to correct it in real time, and now understand the mechanics of putting. Since I am now hitting better shots and getting more pars, I am finding the game much more enjoyable, and my golf buddies have all noted the improvement in my game. I think John or any of the pros in Santa Monica can improve just about anybody’s game, and I am glad I finally took the chance on lessons with GolfTec.

  7. GolfTEC says:

    Hi Tom, Thanks for sharing your story with us! We always like to hear from GolfTEC Clients and congratulations on your success. Please keep us posted on your progress!

  8. wayne bush says:

    i never really thought u could learn golf in a class room setting,i stand corected,my game is way better now than ever before,lessons by jake badder at cascade station in portland,or

  9. Bob Taylor says:

    When is the lesson download going to be available again? All I see is that it will return soon. Are all of the lessons going to be available that were maded during the time frame that the lesson download was removed? If not I hope that GolfTec will refund some of the monies for these lessons since the videos are part of the golf package.

  10. Gerardo De Santiago says:

    In Mexico this franchiese did a fraud they stole the money to the member, practically they disapear.

  11. Gerardo De Santiago says:

    I send several emails to and nobody give a answear, we are thousands of people in Mexico city, we payed to golftec and they disapear the franchise in USA practically ignore all the complains from Mexico we are evaluating a colective law s. agains golftec.

    Gerardo De Santiago

  12. Cyrus says:

    Hi mates, good article and good arguments commented here, I am really enjoying by these.

  13. Eric says:

    Don’t waste your time or money! They take your worst possible swing during your evaluation and point out everything wrong with it which is fine. What they don’t have is good teaching instructions nor is there method of trying to get you to swing like a pro. Everybody isn’t a super athlete nor am I but I am in very good conditioning and only 30 years old. There entire approach is a sales gimick. I bought ten lessons like a fool and only retained proper setup. My pro couldn’t give me answers nor any idea of how to properly swing a golf club.

    • GolfTEC says:

      Hi Eric,

      Thank you for letting us know about your experience and we apologize that you did not have success with GolfTEC. If you provide us with your email address, we can reach out the person at GolfTEC Headquarters in charge of your region.

      If there is ever anything we can do in the future, please let us know. Again, we apologize for your frustration and wish you best of luck with your golf game this season.

  14. Koy Thanaporn says:

    I enjoyed my lessons very much but find that the fact that lessons expire is a big deterrent to continue working with GolfTEC. I purchased a large lesson pack (25) but due to work was only able to use less than half of it. That makes it a very poor value when you pay upfront for a large lesson commitment. The overall instruction approach is a good one, but the policy of expiring lessons keeps me from returning.

  15. renee molicard says:

    Signed up for 40 golf lessons, everything was going fairly well until after ten months of lessons and practice,l I booked a component fitting. My coach Joel then told me that, “i really hadn’t improved enough and a club fitting would be a complete waste of time” Needless to say i was devastated and have not been back since.

    I used to love golf, now just thinking of playing makes me feel ill.

    Would have undoubtedly kept taking lessons for years in only Joel could have kept his negative comments to himself.

  16. Ghost55u says:

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  17. John Witkowski says:

    Not sure my comments will get posted but here goes save your money…. The Vernon Hills location is poorly staffed, poorly trained, and lack common customer service skills. What they very well trained is hoe to lighten your wallet… I suggest you stay with a good club pro and save the overcharging and poor service.
    John W Gurnne

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